💥BLAST Spring Finals 2023 kick off!💥

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dev1ce looking at a "Championsip happens here" wall on BLAST Spring Finals 2023
dev1ce looking at a “Championships happens here” wall on BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023 is here, the first BLAST-hosted tournament after the Major in Paris. This time the tournament will be played in NA, in Washington DC. With only 8 teams participating, this tournament will be a little shorter than others, but it will be really exciting to follow. Let’s go deeper into it!

How is the format on the BLAST Spring Finals 2023?

  • On Group Stage: Double elimination Bo3, with the winners advance to the semi-finals, while the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in each group proceed to the quarter-finals.
  • Playoffs are single-elimination Bo3.

We have 8 teams from different regions:

What teams are participating?

  • Vitality – Qualified via Spring groups
  • Heroic – Qualified via Spring groups (Runner-up)
  • FaZe – Qualified via Spring groups
  • G2 – Qualified via Spring groups
  • Cloud9 – Qualified via Spring Showdown Europe
  • Astralis – Qualified via Spring Showdown Europe
  • Complexity – Replacement team
  • Imperial – Qualified via Spring Showdown America

Scheduled games for today

Today we have 4 games on Bo3 format:

  1. Vitality vs Imperial
  2. G2 vs Cloud9
  3. Heroic vs Complexity
  4. FaZe vs Astralis


We have seen most of the teams on recent events showing a good form, so these are my prediction for today games:

  1. Vitality will win against Imperial. This is basically a no-brainer, Vitality performed amazingly in the Major and they are currently the #1 team in the world, the team comes fresh after a well deserved time off. They are the big favorites to win the game.
  2. G2 will win against C9. The Russian roster has been showing inconsistencies on their gameplay, while G2 has been doing good, they might not be at their best level but I think they might be able to take over C9.
  3. Heroic will have an easy game against Complexity. Is nothing new that the Danes have been constantly one of the best teams in the world consistently for a while now… Therefore, I don’t think that Complexity can even take a map.
  4. I’m a believer, and I think Astralis can beat FaZe. The Danes have been performing well, and if they play a good veto game and if they fixed the errors they had, I see a world where they can beat FaZe 2-1. Everyone would say that this will be a game for FaZe, and I would think the same too, but with the recent form of dev1ce, the team just requires a little more to start winning games.

Where to watch the games

You can see all the games in the following sites:

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