💥BLAST Premier Spring Finals Day 2💥

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Imperial after beating Vitality at the BLAST Spring Finals 2023

The unthinkable happened…


BLAST Premier Spring Finals kick-off gave us a big surprise after Imperial defeated Vitality in their first game after lifting the most important trophy of the year back in May. Today is very important, as we will have our first eliminated teams, and one of them can be the actual Major Champion Vitality.

Which teams made it to playoffs at BLAST Spring Finals Day 2?

  • Imperial
    • The Brazilian roster surprised everyone after winning against the actual Major winners, Vitality. After months without facing a Tier 1 rival, they managed to send the French organization.
  • G2
    • The Superstar European roster had a relatively easy game against Cloud9 after beating the Russian core 2-0. Both maps ended 16-11, but the whole match felt like G2 was dominating the game.
  • Heroic
    • Heroic had 2 easy games against Complexity, who has been struggling lately without hallzerk. The Danes dominated the whole game, and secured they pass to the Playoffs Stage, where hopefully they won’t choke again.
  • FaZe
    • Karrigan’s roster had an easy game after the Astralis AWPer and Superstar “dev1ce” was not finding any impact. FaZe took advantage of this and took both maps quite easily, and they now have to face Heroic.

How are the brackets looking?

Group A

Group B

Games scheduled for today

Today at BLAST Spring Finals Day 2:

  1. Vitality vs Cloud9 – Winner advances to the quarter-finals, loser is out.
  2. Imperial vs G2 – Winner advances to semi-finals, loser still qualify to quarter-finals.
  3. Complexity vs Astralis – Winner advances to the quarter-finals, loser is out.
  4. FaZe vs Heroic – Winner advances to semi-finals, loser still qualify to quarter-finals.


  1. Vitality will win. They had a really bad day yesterday, and I do not think that it can happens two days in a row. They will maybe struggle, but Cloud9 won’t be able to win if the individuals on Vitality start popping off.
  2. G2 will defeat Imperial. The Brazilians played really well yesterday, but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t happen if Vitality wouldn’t had that bad day. G2 is playing well and Imperial shouldn’t be an issue for the European organization.
  3. Astralis will win against Complexity. The North American team have been stumbling without hallzerk, and Sonic, his stand-in have been in uncomfortable situations on the server, it has been visible that it’s not being easy to adapt to the team’s procedures. What happened yesterday with Astralis, and dev1ce more specifically, never happened again and I would be even more surprised if dev1ce have a performance like that 2 days in a row.
  4. Heroic will beat FaZe. It’s not FaZe being weak, it’s about Heroic performing very good once again. FaZe had a really good game yesterday, but we could see some individual slips from players like broky, who missed a lot of shots he normally don’t miss. I think Heroic is in better shape right now.

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