💥BLAST Spring Finals 2023 Semi-Finals💥

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Zonic at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023

BLAST Spring Finals Semi-Finals are here…

The big day is getting closer, and only 2 games for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023 Grand Finals. Yesterday witnessed two enthralling matches that defied expectations, after Imperial and Vitality emerged victorious, securing their progression to the next phase of the tournament. For more content related to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023, be sure to visit ch3ma.com.

What teams are contending to get into the Grand Final at Washington?

The Semi-Finals will showcase the talents of three European teams and one Brazilian squad as they battle for a coveted spot in the Grand Final. The teams participating in this thrilling stage are:

  • Heroic
  • Imperial
  • G2
  • Vitality

These formidable teams will leave no stone unturned in their quest to secure a place in the prestigious Grand Final.

Games for the Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023 are set to deliver an electrifying display of skill and strategy as the remaining teams clash in two exciting matchups:

  1. Heroic vs Imperial
  2. G2 vs Vitality

These highly anticipated games promise to provide fans with non-stop action, showcasing the incredible prowess of these top-tier teams. Stay tuned as the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2023 Semi-Finals unfold in a breathtaking display of Counter-Strike excellence, courtesy of these teams.


We got both predictions correct for the Quarter-Finals, so let’s keep the streak!

  1. In this matchup between Heroic, currently ranked second in the world, and Imperial, positioned at 33rd in the world rankings, the outcome may not be as straightforward as expected. Imperial’s surprising victory against Vitality, the reigning Major champions, and their consistent level of play make them a formidable opponent. On the other hand, Heroic has faced difficulties in playoffs before, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see them struggle against the underdogs. I anticipate an intensely contested game, far closer than anticipated. Nevertheless, I believe Heroic will ultimately prevail, securing their spot in the Grand Final in Washington. Heroic will win.
  2. In this crucial Semi-Finals showdown between G2 and Vitality, my prediction leans towards a Vitality victory. Although G2 has displayed moments of brilliance, their recent performances have lacked consistency, especially against teams below Vitality’s caliber. On the other hand, Vitality, as a French organization, has been impressing with their strong gameplay. The standout performances of their star players, ZywOo and Spinx, have been instrumental in their success. Considering these factors, I believe Vitality’s solid form and individual prowess will be the key to securing the win in this high-stakes elimination match. Vitality will win.

Where to watch?

For me, the best viewer experience to watch any BLAST event, will be blast.tv. They offer a no-ads streaming with new and very cool tools in the webise that let you check real-time stats from players, rewind the stream to watch multi-kills and much more!

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