💥BLAST Spring Finals Playoffs💥

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ZywOo celebrating at BLAST Spring Finals 2023

Ready for BLAST Spring Finals Playoffs?

BLAST Spring Playoffs Stage is here, where the teams are fighting for their lives in every match. We have been following the tournament since Day 1, and you can check all our articles here. Let’s get into it!

What teams will we see on the BLAST Spring Finals Playoffs Stage?

6 teams made it to the Playoffs Stage, 2 that are already in Semi-Finals, and 4 that are going to start from Quarter-Finals.

  • Imperial – Quarter Finals
  • Complexity – Quarter Finals
  • Vitality – Quarter Finals
  • FaZe – Quarter Finals
  • Heroic – Semi-Finals
  • G2 – Semi-Finals

What games are we seeing today?

Imperial on BLAST Spring Finals
  • Imperial vs Complexity
  • Vitality vs FaZe
ZywOo celebrating at BLAST Spring Finals 2023


  • Imperial vs Complexity
    • I didn’t expect to have these two teams in the Playoffs Stage, but they have been playing excellent CS. In the high-stakes elimination match between Imperial and Complexity, my prediction is for Imperial to emerge victorious. The Brazilian squad has been displaying exceptional Counter-Strike as of late, including notable wins against current Major champions Vitality, and putting up a fierce fight against the formidable G2. In contrast, while Complexity has surprised many by qualifying for the playoffs and securing a victory against an unstable Astralis, the disparity in the caliber of teams defeated by Complexity and Imperial is significant. Considering Imperial’s recent form and impressive performances against top-ranked opponents, I believe they will have the upper hand in this best-of-three encounter.
  • Vitality vs FaZe
    • In this highly anticipated clash between Vitality, the reigning Major winners and top-ranked team in the world, and FaZe, currently sitting at third in the rankings, my prediction leans towards a hard-fought victory for Vitality. Despite facing a rough loss game against Imperial, Vitality showcased their resilience and ability to mount comebacks after winning against Cloud9. I anticipate a closely contested match, likely resulting in a 2-1 scoreline. The exceptional performance of ZywOo, who has been in outstanding form, could prove instrumental in carrying Vitality to triumph. However, it is worth noting that FaZe possesses formidable talent and has the potential to push Vitality to its limits. With both teams at the top of their game, expect a thrilling encounter that could go either way.

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