🏅Blast.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage Day 3🏅

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zews sad after getting eliminated of the Paris Major Challengers Stage Day 3

Our first eliminated teams…💔

On Day 2 of the BLAST.tv Paris Major Challengers Stage Day 3, two teams of the Challengers had our first two eliminated teams and other two already secured their spot on the Legends Stage. Here will recap all the important things that happened on Day 2, an overview, and predictions for the games scheduled for Day 3.

Teams that are officially eliminated from the Paris Major Challengers Stage Day 3.

  • MOUZ
MOUZ tweet announcing their eliminaition.
  • Fluxo
Fluxo tweet announcing theit elimination.

Teams that made it to Legends Stage on the Paris Major Challengers Stage

  • ENCE
ENCE’s announcement.
  • G2
G2’s announcement.

Schedule and predictions Day 3 games

Losing team is eliminated.

In the upcoming elimination game between GamerLegion and OG, my prediction is for OG to come out on top. Both teams have a 2-1 record, but OG has more experienced players and has shown strong performances against tougher opponents. In contrast, GamerLegion lost to one of the weakest teams in the tournament. My prediction is for OG to win.

In the elimination match between TheMongolz and Monte, both teams have a 2-1 record and the stakes are high. My prediction is for Monte to win this match, based on their past performances and potential. While both teams have had some losses, Monte has shown stronger play overall and I believe they have what it takes to come out on top.

In an extra spicy elimination game between Complexity and Liquid, both North American will be fighting to stay alive in the tournament. My prediction is for Liquid to come out on top due to their stronger roster of players, even though both teams have been playing below expectations. If Liquid can reset mentally and play up to their potential, they have a better chance of securing the victory.

Winner advances to the Legends Stage.

In the upcoming match between FaZe and FORZE, my prediction is for FaZe to emerge victorious due to their experienced roster of players, particularly karrigan. FORZE has struggled to close out games in tight situations, and I believe the more experienced FaZe will be able to capitalize on any mistakes made by their opponents. FaZe advancces to Legends Stage.

My prediction is for NiP to win. While Grayhound is one win away from advancing to the Legends Stage, they have players that haven’t been performing at their best, and they will face their toughest challenge yet against a strong NiP. Based on Grayhound’s previous performances, I don’t think they have what it takes to overcome NiP and secure the victory.

My prediction is for paiN to come out on top. While Apeks has shown a good level of Counter:Strike against strong teams like G2 and Liquid, they get overconfidence against a paiN that could catch them off guard. I believe paiN will be able to maintain their focus and secure the win in what should be a tight game.

Where to watch the games

Watch all the action in 4K and ad free on BLAST.tv! BLAST strives to be an entertainment network delivering world-class experiences, giving the viewers a platform that streams the event in 4k. Also, they live stream on their Twitch and YouTube.