🏅BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage Day 4🏅

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The Major dream ended for…

Yesterday was a very intense day on the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, and we are now on Day 4. Today will be the last chance for some teams to keep the Major dream alive, and the very last CS:GO Major for others. Let’s go into it!

Teams that made it to Legends Stage on Paris Major 2023 Day 3

Three teams made it to Legends Stage yesterday and secured their spot on the tournament’s next phase.

  • FaZe
FaZe announcement.
  • Apeks
Apeks announcement.
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
NiP’s announcement.

What teams couldn’t make it?

  • OG
OG’s announcement.
  • Complexity
Complexity announcement.
  • TheMongolz

After winning only one Best-of-one against GamerLegion, the Mongolian team was eliminated after losing against Monte with a score of 2-0. No announcements were made on the team’s social media.

Schedule and predictions for Day 4

  • FORZE vs GamerLegion

In the upcoming BO3 elimination match between FORZE and GamerLegion, my prediction is for FORZE to come out on top. While GamerLegion has had better performances in BO3 matches, their track record of losses in BO1 matches suggests they may struggle to keep up with the consistent level of play that FORZE has displayed throughout the tournament. Therefore, I believe that FORZE will take advantage of their strong form and secure the win.

  • Monte vs paiN

While Monte has shown moments of promise, they have struggled with consistency throughout the tournament, and their opponents’ paiN has been a consistent force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, paiN has displayed a level of confidence and skill that has allowed them to fight equally with some of the strongest teams in the competition. Therefore, I believe that paiN’s experience and form will prove too much for Monte to handle, leading to a victory for paiN.

  • Grayhound vs Liquid

In this crucial elimination game, Liquid is my pick to come out on top against Grayhound. Although the Aussies have impressed with their performances, Liquid has the experience and talent to secure the win in this BO3. Liquid’s recent form has been improving and they will look to build on their victory against Grayhound to secure their spot in the Legends stage.

Where to watch the games

Watch all the action in 4K and ad-free on BLAST.tv! BLAST strives to be an entertainment network delivering world-class experiences, giving the viewers a platform that streams the event in 4k. Also, they live stream on their Twitch and YouTube.