🟣Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo Day 1🟣

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VALORANT Masters Tokyo
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VALORANT Masters Tokyo

VALORANT Masters Tokyo is here, the event we all have been waiting for, where the best teams of all regions will compete to be Masters Champions. Here, at ch3ma.com, you will be able to follow the event from the beginning, starting this Sunday, June 11th with daily posts, to the Grand Final on Sunday, June 25th.

What is the format of the Masters?

  • Group Stage, which is from June 11th – 14th, with a double elimination format. 2 Groups of 4 teams each, and every game will be in Bo3 format.
  • Playoffs, June 16th – 25th, with a double elimination bracket. 8 Teams, 4 High Seeds, and 4 Qualified teams from 1st and 2nd places from International Franchised Leagues. All matches in playoffs are Bo3, excluding Lower Final and Grand Final which are Bo5.

What teams will we see in VALORANT Masters Tokyo?

Scheduled games for today

  1. FUT Esports vs Evil Geniuses
  2. DRX vs Attacking Soul Esports
  3. EDward Gaming vs T1


On day 1, we have teams from EMEA (1), Americas (1), and Pacific (3). The teams we are watching are all strong and really good, but it is true that some of them have shown more level overall.

  1. EG will win against FUT Esports. It was announced that one of the strongest and most consistent players on the North American team Max “Demon1” Mazanov was missing the tournament in Tokyo, however, he surprised everyone by announcing he will be able to play in Masters Tokyo. With the duelist back, Evil Geniuses recover one of their most important winning conditions. FUT did a great tournament, and the Turkish team was able to beat all the teams in EMEA except Team Liquid and FNATIC. They are looking solid, but
  2. DRX vs Attacking Soul Esports would be a no-brainer for everyone. Even though the Chinese organization managed to qualify to Masters in Tokyo, DRX are one of the strongest teams in the world and with their actual roster they wouldn’t have any issue dealing with the Chinese team. DRX will win this game.
  3. EDward Gaming against T1 would be a really close game. Both teams have been playing really well in their leagues, but I think T1 will take the win. With Sayaplayer performing as he is doing lately, with minimum 200 ACS per game, I predict him to pop off as usual.

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