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Igor "Redgar" Vlasov of Team Liquid poses onstage after a post-game interview at VALORANT Masters Tokyo Brackets Stage

Masters Tokyo Playoffs Day 2

Day 2 of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo 2023 is here! Yesterday we had intense and really close games, and hopefully, today’s games won’t be any different! Check out our Masters Tokyo Predictions record!

What games will we see today at the Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 2?

  1. FNATIC vs NRG Esports
  2. Paper Rex vs DRX

Predictions for Masters Tokyo Playoffs Day 2

  1. FNATIC will win against NRG Esports.
    • The European super-star team is one of the strongest teams in the world by far. Player by player, I think that FNATIC has one of the most consistent players in each role, and they have been delivering amazing results in the EMEA Regional League. They made a flawless run all the tournament until the Grand Final, where they also showed great level. I think they are ahead of their opponents, that has been playing really well. NRG qualified without losing a game but struggled in some maps against T1 and NAVI. Even tho this promises to be a great match, it will end as a 2-0 for FNATIC.
  2. Paper Rex will defeat DRX.
    • History repeats once again, and the Grand Final of the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific will be played once again. DRX won’t be able to take revenge on their closest competitors, as we have been watching them performing lower than they used to in other international tournaments. Also, it is important to say that Paper Rex duelist Ilya “something” Petrov is a player that we need to keep an eye on. He ALWAYS comes up with amazing plays and surprises more than one with his unbelievable mechanics, I expect him to poo off, and to be a heavy win condition for Paper Rex.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available in multiple languages, so here is a list of some of the most popular streams to follow the tournament:

Official VALORANT broadcasts

  1. English (Twitch)
  2. English (YouTube)
  3. EspaƱol LATAM (Twitch)
  4. Italiano (YouTube)
  5. PortuguĆŖs (YouTube)


  1. Tarik (English)
  2. Lembo6 (EspaƱol)
  3. Kyedae (English)
  4. Mixwell (EspaƱol)
  5. See the pictures below to see all watchparty hosts

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