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Stage at the Masters Tokyo Playoffs

Masters Tokyo Playoffs stage is here…

VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters Tokyo 2023 Group Stage is over and we are now in Playoffs Stage. There are 8 teams that will fight for the title. Take a look at this article to read everything you need to know about the Playoffs Stage and, obviously, to read my predictions!

What teams will we see in the Masters Tokyo Playoffs?

8 teams made it to the Playoffs Stage.

What games are we going to see today?

  1. LOUD vs Evil Geniuses
  2. Team Liquid vs EDward Gaming


  1. LOUD will win against Evil Geniuses.
    • Evil Geniuses have been showing amazing performances and constant improvements this tournament. They had 4 of their players in the highest rated in the Group Stage. Nevertheless, the last two times they faced each other, LOUD ended up winning. Taking into consideration that LOUD had more time to prepare and study the recent games of EG, this will be a game for the Brazilian team.
  2. EDward Gaming will surprise by winning against Team Liquid.
    • I think the Chinese team will make a huge surprise by sending the EMEA League winners, Team Liquid, to the lower bracket. Even tho Team Liquid has performed really well in the EMEA League in the last part of the tournament, I think that there’s a big firepower difference between the duelists is big. I know it’s very bold and not everyone trusts EDG, but I think they will take the game. The difference in playstyle will not be favorable for Liquid.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available in multiple languages, so here is a list of some of the most popular streams to follow the tournament:

Official VALORANT broadcasts

  1. English (Twitch)
  2. English (YouTube)
  3. EspaƱol LATAM (Twitch)
  4. Italiano (YouTube)
  5. PortuguĆŖs (YouTube)


  1. Tarik (English)
  2. Lembo6 (EspaƱol)
  3. Kyedae (English)
  4. MixwellĀ (EspaƱol)
  5. See the pictures below to see all watchparty hosts

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