Decisive Moments Unfold: IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2

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IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2

Greetings, fellow CS enthusiasts! Today marks a pivotal moment in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as we dive into IEM Cologne Play-in. Teams face off in intense clashes, fighting to secure their spot in the main event. However, with this comes the heartache of elimination as we witness the first teams bidding farewell to the tournament. It’s a day of critical decisions and adrenaline-pumping plays, and we can’t wait to bring you the latest updates and insights from this thrilling competition. But before we delve into today’s action, be sure to check out yesterday’s post, where we covered all the exhilarating moments that set the stage for this epic showdown. Get ready to witness the decisive moments unfold in the IEM Cologne Play-in and celebrate the legacy of Counter-Strike as we gear up for the evolution of this beloved esport in Counter-Strike 2!

How is the bracket looking for IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2?

Lower Bracket

Games scheduled for today

  1. Astralis vs APEKS – 12:30 CET
  2. ITB vs TheMongolz – 12:30 CET
  3. Liquid vs BIG – 16:00 CET
  4. Imperial vs Grayhound – 16:00 CET
  5. Monte vs FURIA – 19:30 CET
  6. Complexity vs OG – 19:30 CET

Predictions for the IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2

  1. Astralis will continue their good run and will defeat APEKS.
  2. TheMongolz will win against ITB.
  3. Liquid will defeat BIG.
  4. Grayhound will defeat Imperial.
  5. Monte will win against FURIA.
  6. Complexity will defeat OG.

Where to watch the games?

ESL recently changed its channel’s URLs. You can check them in the picture below.

IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2 Twitch URLs

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