Expert Prediction: VCT Americas LCQ Grand Final

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Vicente "Tacolilla" Compagnon of Leviatan at the VCT Americas LCQ Grand Final

The stage is set for an unprecedented clash of South American titans in the VCT Americas LCQ Grand Final – a historical game with high stakes and an immense sense of regional pride. For the first time, neither a team from Brazil nor North America will clinch the victory, making this showdown between KRU and Leviatán a momentous occasion in the world of esports. The prize at stake is grand – the winner secures their spot at Champions 2023 in Los Angeles, while the loser leaves empty-handed. The arena will be ablaze with excitement as these elite teams lock horns in a battle of skills and strategies, eager to etch their names in gaming history.

Before we jump into this epic showdown, don’t forget to check out our previous posts, where we covered all the thrilling moments and drama of this remarkable tournament. Join us as we witness history unfold and celebrate the passion and talent of South American esports in this exhilarating Grand Final!

Schedule for the VCT Americas LCQ Grand Final

  1. KRU vs Leviatán – 22:00 CET
    • The format will be a Best of 5 games.


  1. KRU will qualify for Champions 2023, defeating Leviatán.
    • This South American derby promises to be incredibly exciting, and my favorite to secure the spot at Champions 2023 in Los Angeles is KRU. Their exceptional gameplay has shone throughout this tournament, and they have shown impressive resilience in overcoming challenging situations. Despite a rough regular season, they now appear to be the strongest team in this LCQ. A major contributing factor is the strong and consistent performance of keznit, which leads me to expect KRU to clinch the victory.
    • While Leviatán is also performing well, and Tacolilla is in sharp form, it seems to me that he has not yet reached his peak performance. I anticipate a match that will extend to more than 3 maps, with incredibly close games.
    • With both teams poised for an intense showdown, the VCT Americas LCQ Grand Final will undoubtedly deliver thrilling and nail-biting moments. However, my prediction leans towards KRU emerging as the champions of the LCQ, earning their ticket to compete at the prestigious Champions 2023 event in Los Angeles. Get ready for an unforgettable battle between these two formidable teams!

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available in multiple languages, so here is a list of some of the most popular streams to follow the tournament:

Official VALORANT broadcasts

  1. English (Twitch)
  2. Español LATAM (Twitch)


  1. Tarik (English)
  2. Hitboxing (Spanish)

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