IEM Cologne 2023 Play-in: The Path to Glory Begins!

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IEM Cologne 2023 Play-in

Welcome, fellow esports enthusiasts! Today marks the highly anticipated kick-off of the IEM Cologne 2023 Play-in stage, a crucial phase that determines the final participating teams of the main tournament. In this intense showdown, 16 skilled teams will battle it out, but only 8 will secure their coveted spot in the main event. As the excitement builds, all eyes are on the thrilling matches that will shape the destiny of these esports giants. This is where the journey to glory begins, and we’re here to provide you with daily updates and in-depth coverage of this epic tournament. Stay tuned as we witness the passion, talent, and fierce competition that IEM Cologne 2023 Play-in has to offer. It’s time to embark on this thrilling ride together and celebrate the heart-pounding world of esports!

Which teams are participating in the IEM Cologne 2023 Play-in?

  • MOUZ – ESL World Ranking (EU)
  • APEKS – ESL World Ranking (EU)
  • 9INE – ESL World Ranking (EU)
  • Team Liquid – ESL World Ranking (NA)
  • Imperial Esports – ESL World Ranking (SA)
  • The Mongolz – ESL World Ranking (Asia)
  • GH.Rivalry – ESL World Ranking (OCE)
  • BIG – ESL Meisterchaft Winner
  • FNATIC – ESL World Ranking
  • Monte – ESL World Ranking
  • NIP – ESL World Ranking
  • OG Esports – ESL World Ranking
  • Into The Breach – ESL World Ranking
  • Complexity – ESL World Ranking



  • 16 Team Double Elimination
  • Opening Matches Bo1
  • All other Matches Bo3
  • 8 Teams advanced to the main event

Schedule for today

Today we have a lot of games, find them listed below in chronological order:

  1. MOUZ vs The Mongolz
  2. Into the Breach vs NIP
  3. FNATIC vs Complexity
  4. OG vs 9INE
  5. Monte vs Imperial
  6. Astralis vs Liquid
  7. APEKS vs BIG
  8. Grayhound vs FURIA


  1. NIP vs MOUZ – Upper Bracket Quarter-final #1
  2. FNATIC vs 9INE – Upper Bracket Quarter-final #2

In this graphic made by ESL, you can know in what stream you can watch each game, as they will be broadcasted on different Twitch channels.


Quick predictions:

  1. MOUZ
  2. ITB
  3. Complexity
  4. 9INE
  5. Monte
  6. Astralis
  7. BIG
  8. FURIA


  1. MOUZ

Where to watch the games?

ESL recently changed their channel’s urls. You can check them in the picture below.

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