IEM Cologne 2023 Semi-Finals – THE BEST PREDICTIONS

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IEM Cologne 2023 Semi-Finals

Hey there! As you should know if you have been following the tournament, IEM Cologne 2023 Semi-Finals are here. It comes to 4 teams and 2 games to know which teams will be the ones fighting for the chance to lift that prestigious tournament. If you haven’t been following the tournament, check out our previous posts. We have been reporting from the Play-ins stage to the Group Stage, and now to the Playoffs.

Yesterday we had an intense day, with two amazing games that were for sure very entertaining. Today, I am sure the games won’t disappoint. Keep reading to know what happened yesterday in the Quarter Finals, what to expect for today, and my predictions for the games. Game on!

What happened yesterday?

  • Vitality won against Cloud9, sending them back home.
  • Astralis won the Danish derby, eliminating Heroic.

Games scheduled for IEM Cologne 2023 Semi-Finals

  1. ENCE vs Vitality – 15:30 CET
  2. G2 vs Astralis – 19:00 CET


  1. ENCE will continue with the strong performance they showed on Group Stage, eliminating Vitality.
    • We will see a clash of titans here, with Vitality looking scary with the performance ZywOo is used to show, and a hungry FlameZ that has been impactful in their most recent games. However, ENCE looked strong in their last game against Heroic. They closed the game strongly, with NertZ having a strong impact in the game, dropping one of the most amazing highlights we have seen in Cologne so far. I think this will be a 2-1 but ENCE will be closing it at the end.
  2. Astralis will defeat G2, taking revenge after they sent them to the Lower Bracket on the Group Stage.
    • For a lot of people, it has been surprising that Astralis is looking rock solid after their recent roster moves. However, they have been one of the strongest teams in Cologne, making an impressive lower-bracket run. With the young Buzz performing strong, with device motivated and blameF calling super well, they are looking as one of the favorites. G2 has been performing well, but we all know how unstable G2 can be. They make a strong performance and in their next game, some of their individuals just don’t show off.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch them on ESL’s official channels, or at your favorite Watch Party:

ESL official channels:

Official watchparties:

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