IEM Cologne 2023 – The last stop before the Lanxess Arena

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Lanxess arena - IEM Cologne 2022 - 2023

IEM Cologne Day 4 is here. The day that will reveal which teams will have the chance to play in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Some of the contenders have been in this arena before and they know what the last big CS:GO tournament represents. Do not miss the action, because today will be a day full of action, emotions, and high-intensity games. Make sure to check out our previous post, and make sure to give a look at our predictions! Right now we have a 67% win rate.

Which teams were eliminated yesterday?

Yesterday was devastating for 4 of the teams that wished to step on the Lanxess Arena, and those teams are:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • They lost against Astralis, in a game that looked one-sided for the Danes.
  • OG Esports
    • They were eliminated after a tight game against NAVI that ended 2-1.
  • Monte
    • The Ukranian org lost against Cloud9 after two close games.
    • After 3 tight maps and intense overtime, the were eliminated by GamerLegion.

Schedule for IEM Cologne Day 4

  1. FaZe vs NAVI
  2. MOUZ vs Astralis
  3. Cloud9 vs GamerLegion
  4. Vitality vs G2
  5. -EDITED- Astralis vs. Natus Vincere
  6. ENCE vs Heroic

Predictions for today’s game

  1. FaZe will finish NAVI’s IEM Cologne dream.
  2. Astralis will defeat MOUZ and will advance to the Lower Bracket Final.
  3. Cloud9 will win against GamerLegion, keeping the dream of having Ax1Le on stage alive.
  4. G2 will defeat Vitality. **BOLD PREDICTION**
  5. -EDITED- Astralis will defeat NAVI. **BOLD PREDICTION**
  6. Heroic will defeat ENCE.

If you want to get the analysis, behind these predictions, join our telegram channel or follow me on X (Twitter🤣) and comment in the last post for telegram, or send me a DM on X (🤣) I’ll send them directly to you.

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