IEM Cologne Day 2: Unleashing the Intensity!

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IEM Cologne Day 2

Hello, esports enthusiasts! After an action-packed Day 1, we can hardly contain our excitement for what’s in store on IEM Cologne Day 2. Yesterday, we witnessed some unforgettable moments that kept us hooked throughout. Cloud9’s reliance on Ax1Le’s brilliance, Astralis putting up a fierce fight against G2, and TheMongolz coming so close to upsetting Heroic. All these highlights have set the stage for an electrifying day. As we gear up for another day of action, don’t forget to catch up from Day 1 by checking out our previous article. Join us and enjoy the intensity that IEM Cologne offers to us!

Scheduled games for IEM Cologne Day 2

  1. Vitality vs OG – 12:30 CET
  2. Cloud9 vs 9INE – 12:30 CET
  3. FaZe vs NIP – 16:00 CET
  4. FNATIC vs ENCE – 16:00 CET
  5. Monte vs Heroic – 19:30 CET
  6. GamerLegion vs TheMongolz – 19:30 CET


  1. Vitality will defeat OG.
    • OG has been performing well, and after winning their last 2 matches against APEKS and Complexity they looked solid. However, this time they face a stronger opponent that will make it harder for them, and I don’t think they can win. If they are feeling it, I see a world where they take a map, but the game will be for Vitality.
  2. Cloud9 will defeat 9INE.
    • In yesterday’s game, 9INE showed a great performance against a cold ENCE, but couldn’t manage to close the game. I think they could make this happen because ENCE is just coming back from the break. Cloud9 is looking deadly and I think they can win this so we can watch the debut of the whole roster with Ax1Le.
  3. FaZe will defeat NIP.
    • FaZe is coming motivated and probably with new and fresh ideas, as they have been working with their new coach ‘NEO’. NIP managed to make it from the Play-in, and headtr1ck has been on point, but I think that FaZe will come even more motivated.
  4. FNATIC will defeat ENCE.
    • ENCE has a really good team, and they managed to win yesterday, but I think they are still cold. The FNATIC roster is new, mezii is performing very well without the IGL responsibility and I think they look strong enough to send ENCE to the lower bracket.
  5. Heroic will defeat Monte.
    • After yesterday’s unexpected intense match against TheMongolz, I expect Heroic to polish up their protocols and fix the mistakes they had. Monte has been performing great, and br0 has been key to their success, but I don’t think they can win against Heroic if they perform to their top level.
  6. TheMongolz will send GamerLegion back home.
    • TheMongolz made a really impressive game yesterday, putting Heroic in the border. I think the experience of the Danes was what made the difference. The Asian team has been performing really well, and the new GamerLegion looks like they haven’t settled together yet.

Where to watch the games?

ESL recently changed its channel’s URLs. You can check them in the picture below.

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