IEM Cologne Play-in Final Day – All or Nothing!

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IEM Cologne Play-in Final Day

Today marks the epic conclusion of the IEM Cologne Play-in, and the anticipation is reaching its peak as we gear up for the final day of this intense battle. It’s a make-or-break moment for the teams, as we’ll witness 4 squads claim their spot in the main tournament, while 4 others will face elimination. The excitement comes as we prepare to unveil the full list of teams participating in the main event.

Before the day unfolds, don’t forget to catch up on our previous posts of the IEM Cologne Play-in. We covered all the moments and twists that led us to this point. Stay with us as we witness the crucial battles that will define the fate of these esports giants and celebrate the passion and skill that make IEM Cologne an unmissable spectacle for CS:GO fans worldwide!

How is the bracket looking for the IEM Cologne Play-in Final Day?

Games schedule for today

  1. TheMongolz vs FURIA – 16:00 CET
  2. 9INE vs Liquid – 16:00 CET
  3. APEKS vs OG – 19:30 CET
  4. NIP vs Imperial – 19:30 CET

Predictions for the IEM Cologne Play-in Day 2

  1. FURIA will defeat TheMongolz.
  2. Liquid will defeat 9INE.
  3. OG will defeat APEKS.
  4. NIP will defeat Imperial.

Where to watch the games?

ESL recently changed its channel’s URLs. You can check them in the picture below.

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