🏆IEM Dallas 2023 Day 2🏆

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IEM Dallas 2023 Day 2 stage

How will IEM Dallas 2023 Day 2 surprise us?

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 2 is here. Yesterday we had the kickoff of IEM Dallas 2023, and it gave us some really good games of CS:GO. Today the tournament continues and we will have our first teams getting eliminated, and also our first teams qualified to the Playoffs stage.

My last predictions were *ALMOST* perfect, as I got 7 correct predictions out of the 8 first games. Let’s try get a 4 out of 4 for games at day 2.

What teams are already eliminated?

  • Nouns
    • The North American (and local) roster was the first team getting eliminated after facing G2 and FURIA, and not being able to win against neither. In my opinion it was really risky to decide playing G2 on Inferno when they could’ve pushed a weakest map from the former #1 team in the world.
    • The European roster faced difficulties on their games on Dallas, losing against MOUZ and 9z. They were playing with Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg as a stand-in, and they did not looked comfortable.

Which teams already secured a spot in the Playoffs Stage?

  • G2
G2 Esports on IEM Dallas 2023 Day 1

The superstar team has secured their spot in the Playoffs Stage after winning 3 games in a row, first the Bo1 against Nouns, then a comfortable 2-0 against OG.

  • Heroic

The Danes keep their well-known consistency after defeating 9z on the Bo1 stage and MOUZ with a score of 2-0.

How are the brackets looking for IEM Dallas Day 2?

Group A

Group B

What games we will see today?

  1. Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
  2. Liquid vs Grayhound
  3. FaZe vs ENCE
  4. FURIA vs MOUZ
  5. OG vs 9z
  6. Cloud9 vs Astralis

Predictions for the games on IEM Dallas Day 2

  1. Evil Geniuses will win against Complexity. The absence of Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli is notable in the server, and EG will take advantage.
  2. Liquid will win against Grayhound. The Aussies didn’t shown good performance yesterday, and Liquid had a good game even tho they lost.
  3. ENCE will win against FaZe. ENCE played really well yesterday, giving no chance to their rivals. FaZe on the other hand struggled against EG.
  4. FURIA will win against MOUZ. The European roster was struggling against FNATIC that was playing with a stand-in.
  5. OG will win against 9z. OG are just better individually and 9z must not be a threat.
  6. Astralis will win against Cloud9. I know this might surpise more than one, but Astralis is demonstrating great level, and the rookies, Alteks and Buzz have been popping off lately. I trust Astralis on this one.

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