🏆IEM Dallas Day 3🏆

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IEM Dallas 2023 Day 3 is here.

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 3 is now here. After some intense games yesterday on Day 2, IEM Dallas 2023 is not close to be over. With surprises for some people out there such as Astralis advancing to the Upper Finals after defeating Cloud9 (As I predicted). Let’s see how the tournament has for us on Day 3.

What teams got eliminated in Day 2?

  • Evil Geniuses
  • Grayhound
  • 9z

Which teams secured their spot in Playoffs?

Gla1ve hugging Dev1ce after winning against Cloud9.
  • Astralis
    • The Danes secured a spot in playoffs after winning against Cloud9 in a dominant series.
  • ENCE
    • The European roster got their spot after defeating FaZe 2-0.

How is the bracket looking for IEM Dallas 20203 Day 3?

Group A

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 3 Group A Bracket

Group B

IEM Dallas 2023 Day 3 Bracket

What games are we seeing today on IEM Dallas 2023?

  1. Complexity vs Cloud9
  2. FaZe vs Liquid
  3. MOUZ vs OG
  4. G2 vs Heroic
  5. ENCE vs Astralis
  6. TBD vs TBD (Group B Lower bracket Final)


  1. Cloud9 will win against Complexity. It is true that C9 has not been playing at the level we are used to see them perform, but even tho of their recent form, they should be able to continue advancing through the lower bracket.
  2. Liquid wins against FaZe. I go with the underdog here, as I think that Liquid has been performing well, and nitr0 might get inspiration as this could be his last game.
  3. OG will take the victory. MOUZ is not at their best shape, and the stand in for OG, Iulian “regali” Harjău has been looking good. He want to demonstrate that he can perform well in tier 1, and this is his chance to do so.
  4. Heroic will win against G2. For me, the most consistent team in the world, Heroic will have another day in the office in a game that will be close for sure.
  5. Astralis will keep surprising, and will defeat ENCE. Astralis has been feeling it so far at Dallas, and with the two young bloods performing really well, dev1ce on the best shape we have seen in a while, gla1ve calling and playing well and BlameF performing as expected, the Danes will keep giving hope to all the Astralis fans out there by winning this match.

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