🏆IEM Dallas 2023 kick off! 🏆

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IEM Dallas 2023 Banner
Banner of Intel Extreme Masters tournament

IEM Dallas 2023 is our first Tier 1 tournament after the Paris Major, and one of the last Counter Strike: Global Offensive we will see before the transition to Counter Strike 2. After a long time of absence, Counter Strike goes back to North America, and it will surely give us some amazing Counter Strike games. Here we will review the teams that are participating, the matches and obviously, my predictions for those matches.

How is the format on the IEM Dallas 2023?

On Group Stage: Double elimination Bo3

  • Opening matches Bo1, group winners advance to playoff semi-finals, while 2nd and 3rd placed teams go to the quarter-finals.

On Playoffs Stage: Single elimination Bo3

What teams are participating?

In total we have 16 teams from different regions:

  • Heroic – Partnered team with ESL
  • FaZe Clan– Qualified via ESL Ranking
  • Cloud9 – Qualified via Europe Closed Qualifier
  • G2 – Partnered team with ESL
  • Liquid – Partnered team with ESL
  • ENCE – Invited team
  • FURIA – Partnered team with ESL
  • FNATIC – Replacement team
  • OG – Replacement team
  • MOUZ – Qualified via ESL Ranking
  • Complexity – Partnered team with ESL
  • Astralis – Qualified via Europe Closed Qualifier
  • Grayhound – Qualified via Oceania Closed Qualifier
  • Nouns – Qualified via North America Closed Qualifier
  • 9z – Qualified via South America Closed Qualifier
  • Evil Geniuses – Invited team

Scheduled games for today

Today we will have 8 amazing games on Bo1 format:

  1. FURIA vs OG
  2. G2 vs Nouns
  3. Heroic vs 9z
  5. FaZe Clan vs Evil Geniuses
  6. ENCE vs Complexity
  7. Liquid vs Astralis
  8. Cloud9 vs Grayhound


As today games will be on Bo1 format, and we have seen most of the teams recently on Paris at the Major, this are my predictions for this Group Stage games:

  1. OG will win against FURIA
  2. G2 will beat Nouns
  3. Heroic will have an easy game versus 9z
  4. FNATIC will send MOUZ to the Lower Bracket
  5. FaZe Clan wins against Evil Geniuses
  6. ENCE will win against Complexity
  7. Astralis will defeat Liquid
  8. Cloud9 wins against Grayhound