🏆IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs Stage🏆

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Empty seats ready for receive the players on IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs Stage

IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs Stage is here.

After an intense Group Stage on the IEM Dallas 2023 , the Playoffs Stage is finally here. Here on ch3ma.com we have been following and reporting since Day 1, you can check our previous posts and check our previous IEM Dallas Predictions.

Which teams made it to the IEM Dallas Playoffs Stage?

6 Teams, all of them from the EU region, made it to the Playoffs Stage.

  • Astralis
  • MOUZ
  • G2
  • FaZe
  • Heroic
  • ENCE

What games will we have today?

Quarter finals, single elimination on Bo3 format:

  1. Astralis vs MOUZ
  2. G2 vs FaZe


  • Astralis win against MOUZ. The Danish roster has been performing pretty well in Dallas, with the youngsters heating up and a dev1ce that was the highest rated player during the Group Stage, I think they are my favorites to win against a MOUZ that only played against weak teams such as FURIA that haven’t showed up anything good lately and OG that was playing with a stand-in. Astralis will advance to Semi-Finals
  • G2 will defeat FaZe. While FaZe has been playing well, the European roster haven’t found consistency on their most recent matches. G2 has been doing great lately, maybe they are not strong enough to beat Heroic, but I believe this will be a really close game that will end with a G2’s victory against FaZe.

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