🏆IEM Rio 2023 day 3 is here🏆

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IEM Rio 2023 stage ready to receive the players.

Only one more step for the playoffs stage.

Day 2 of IEM Rio 2023 delivered amazing games, highlights, and a lot of emotions! We are now a step closer to the playoffs stage, where we will see some of the best teams in the world playing in front of the Brazilian crowd. Let’s see what Day 3 has for us.

Which teams got eliminated on IEM Rio 2023 day 2?

On day 2, four teams more had to leave the tournament and got sent back home.

  • MIBR

MIBR is now eliminated from the tournament, after losing their first game against Cloud9 on Ancient with a score of 8-16, the Brazilian team dropped to the lower bracket where they faced Vitality. In that game, they showed glimpses of what could have been good games, but the European team prevailed and the match ended 2-0, leaving the Brazilians out of Rio.

MIBR’s tweet after losing the elimination game.
  • 9z

9z is also out, after a tough loss against FaZe on Overpass that put the South American team in the lower bracket, their next rival was FNATIC. On 9z’s game against FNATIC, they delivered great level, winning their map pick of Nuke with a score of 16-9. That would be their best map during Rio because the two games that they had after were just crushing. They lost Overpass, FNATIC’s map pick with a devastating score of 3-16, and things didn’t happen as 9z would wish on the decider of Ancient that ended 16-12, giving the European team the win.

9z’s tweet after losing the elimination game.
  • 9ine

9ine was already in the lower semi-finals after eliminating MOUZ on Day 1. They won Vertigo, their map pick, looking solid and playing really well, overall they were looking AMAZING on Mirage until they choked closing the game. The Polish roster lost momentum while the Ninjas made an amazing comeback that finished 9ine’s mental.

9ine’s tweet after losing the elimination game.
  • TheMongolz

TheMongolz surprised more than one here in Rio, as they surprisingly eliminated Imperial, and took a map out of Heroic. The Asian team only made a good game against Heroic, then it was all over.

Photo by @theMAKKU}
Player: bLitz

How is the bracket looking for day 3?

Previously, brackets on Day 2 gave us almost all the Group A, however, now we have our Lower finalists, where the winner secures a spot in the playoffs quarterfinals.

Group B on the other hand has Cloud9 and FURIA with a secured spot for playoffs, however, Lower finalists are missing, as tomorrow we will see those games.

Predictions for scheduled matches

Where to watch the games?

All the games will be broadcasted on ESL’s official Twitch channels: