🏆IEM Rio 2023 Semi-Finals🏆

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Today’s games will define our Grand Final.

IEM Rio 2023 Semi-Finals are here as we keep on advancing through the IEM Rio 2023 playoffs stage. As I mentioned in the last post, the games we will see today are elimination games. The loser is out, and the winner gets to play the Grand Final, competing to get the trophy, $100,000, and a secured spot for the IEM Cologne 2023.

How does the bracket look for the IEM Rio 2023 Semi-Finals?

Yesterday FURIA and BIG were eliminated by Heroic and Vitality, teams that we will see today fighting for that Grand Final spot. To illustrate, this is what the bracket looks like.

IEM Rio 2023 Semi-Finals bracket
IEM Rio 2023 Semi-Finals bracket


Predictions for the games

  1. Cloud 9 vs Vitality
    • Vitality’s performance in their last games has been surely good, with all the star players of the European roster performing at their best capacity. This is the first time we see this core passing quarter-finals in a LAN event and this might be the motivation they need to keep up this good performance. On the other side, we know what Cloud9 is capable of. With players like Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov and Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov, this team is a rough one to play against. Based on recent matches, I would say that this will be a super tight game, but in the end, Cloud9 will be the one qualifying for the Grand Final. My prediction is Cloud9 to win 2-1.
  2. Natus Vincere vs Heroic
    • What Heroic did yesterday against FURIA was truly amazing, and the strength the Danes have is admirable. This is not the first time they overcome tough matches, surprisingly coming back with complicated scores, and ended up winning, However, this game won’t be against anyone but NAVI, the Ukrainian super team, and the record of this same match-up are always favorable for them. My prediction is also a really close game, but NAVI will win this game 2-1 though.

Where to watch the games?

Official broadcast on ESL’s official Twitch channel:

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