🏆IEM Rio day 2🏆

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How is the tournament looking for day 2?

The first day of the IEM Rio 2023 was a blast! It delivered amazing and intense matches giving us some teams that unfortunately are now eliminated, and others that are already in the playoffs stage. Let’s see what we expect from day 2.

Which teams got eliminated on day 1?

Out of the 16 starting teams, on day one we got two teams (one in each group) that unfortunately for them, are now out of the tournament.

  • MOUZ

MOUZ is one of the teams that are out, after facing a really strong BIG on Overpass, the European roster went down to the lower round 1, where they looked good against 9ine in Vertigo but not good enough in 9ine’s map pick, as the game ended 16-11. In their map pick Ancient, the game was looking way better for them, and they could end the map with a score of 19-9. Moving on to Nuke, the decider, 9ine had a great game on the T side and sent MOUZ home after a game that ended 16-10. However, MOUZ has to keep working on what they saw here in Rio to keep improving for the Paris Major.

  • Imperial

Imperial was the other team that was eliminated on day 1. The homeboys couldn’t handle the Ninjas in Pyjamas, after losing the first game which was a best-of-one in Mirage, with a score of 16-5. Then at the lower round 1, The Mongolz showed superiority. The first map of Overpass, picked by Imperial, was another day in the office for the Brazilians, after a game that ended 16-3. Things didn’t go the same way on Inferno where the Asian roster delivered and pushed the match to the decider. Mirage was where the dream ended for the Brazilians, after a close game, it ended 16-14, being The Mongolz the winners and the team that eliminated Imperial from the tournament. Imperial did not qualify for the Paris Major, so this might be a rough day for the boys.

How are the brackets looking for day 2?

Group A already has Upper Final granted, being BIG and NAVI the teams that already secured a place in the playoffs stage. On the Lower bracket, elimination games will take place tomorrow, being NIP, 9ine, Heroic, and The Mongolz the teams who could get eliminated.

Group B will have an interesting day 2, as we still have to see which teams are going to get eliminated; the teams that will be playing elimination games tomorrow are 9z, FNATIC, Vitality, and MIBR. On the other hand, we also don’t know who will be securing playoffs by getting into the Upper Finals, and the teams that can get this done are FaZe, FURIA, OG, and Cloud9.

Predictions for scheduled matches

Where to watch the games

All the games will be broadcasted on ESL’s official Twitch channels: