🏆IEM Rio 2023 Playoffs stage is finally here🏆

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IEM Rio 2023

The playoffs stage for IEM Rio 2023 is finally here. After 3 very intense days of Group Stage, 24 games, all for this single elimination bracket. Let’s find out what the Playoffs have for us. If you haven’t been following the tournament, take a look at what happened on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of Group Stage.

IEM Rio 2023 Format

The playoffs format is a single elimination bracket, where the teams who made it to the Upper Finals on Group Stage secured a spot depending on their seeding. The upper Final winners (NAVI and Cloud9) qualified straight to Semi-Finals. Second place and the winner of the Lower finals qualified for the Quarter-Finals. Lastly, let’s take a look at the bracket.

IEM Rio 2023 bracket

IEM Rio 2023 Bracket.
IEM Rio 2023 Playoffs bracket


Only quarter-final games will take place today, April 21st:

Predictions for IEM Rio 2023 quarter-final

  1. Vitality vs BIG:
    • The French roster has been performing absolutely amazing when it comes to individuals. In their most recent game against OG, we saw a Vitality that wasn’t looking sharp as a team, we also had Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut performing like an absolute beast on Inferno, carrying his team and making OG look like average players. Lotan ‘Spinx’ Giladi also popped off on Overpass. They are also looking pretty soling against a BIG that also looks great, but once ZywOo gets activated, he makes a huge difference when he starts finding impact on the game. I predict a win for Vitality.
  2. Heroic vs FURIA
    • Let’s be clear, Brazilian teams in front of a Brazilian crowd receive a buff. The Brazilian roster is seeking revenge against Heroic after the Danes eliminated them from the IEM Rio Major in the Semi-Finals. FURIA sent home FaZe, who were particularly exhausted after that Major Last Chance Qualifier run, so their last game isn’t much of a reference to how able they are right now to face off a team like Heroic. Overall, I think that this will be a tight game and the history of FURIA getting eliminated in their country by the Danes will repeat. I predict Heroic winning 2-1.

Where to watch the games?

Official broadcast on ESL’s official Twitch channel: