My Predictions for the IEM Cologne 2023 Grand Final

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IEM Cologne 2023 Grand Final

Everything comes to an end, and this time it’s time for IEM Cologne 2023 to finish. The two teams that managed to qualify for this Grand Final need to reflect all their work, dedication, and time invested in a BO5. If you haven’t been following the tournament, don’t worry! We have been doing it, and you can check everything, from the Play-ins to yesterday’s Semi-Finals so you don’t miss anything of this prestigious tournament. Right now, we have all our eyes on one game, the IEM Cologne 2023 Grand Final. Make sure to read our article and don’t miss the predictions! Game on!

Which teams made it to the IEM Cologne 2023 Grand Final?

ENCE IEM Colonge 2023 Grand Finals
  • ENCE
  • G2
G2 IEM Colonge 2023 Grand Finals


  1. ENCE vs G2 – 16:00 CET

Predictions for the IEM Cologne 2023 Grand Final

  1. G2 will lift the trophy of IEM Cologne 2023 defeating ENCE in a really close and long series.
    • Both teams are looking deadly at the moment. G2 performed super well against Astralis, showing that they can perform in the opponent’s team’s strong map. In best of fives, it’s known that the team that has the better map pool holds a huge advantage, and in this case, I think both teams have shown a similar number of maps. Individually, some of the players of ENCE have been performing really well but with inconsistencies that make me doubt. NertZ had an amazing game against Heroic, but he disappeared against Vitality only showing off in a few rounds. SunPayus is the star in ENCE and we should expect great things from him, but he can’t be the only one finding impact. On the other side, we have G2, with NiKo with a great Inferno and HuNter finding great impact when playing on stage. It looks like when it comes to deep runs, HooXi knows how to manage the team and take the best out of jks and m0NESY, the same players that did great against Astralis. I think this will be for sure a close game, but G2 will be able to take it home.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch them on ESL’s official channels, or at your favorite Watch Party:

ESL official channels:

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