My Predictions for the VCT Americas 2023 LCQ Day 3

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Tyson "TenZ" Ngo of Sentinels is seen backstage during 2023 VCT Americas Last Chance Qualifier

VCT Americas 2023 LCQ Day 3

Will Sentinels keep the dream alive?

Yesterday we had an amazing day, with intense games, overtime, and deciders. Our predictions were on point, and we keep flawless in the tournament. Check our previous posts to keep up to date with the tournament.

Scheduled games for the VCT Americas 2023 LCQ Day 3

  1. Cloud9 vs Sentinel – 22:00 CEST
  2. Leviatán vs KRÜ – 1:00 CEST


  1. Sentinels will upset Cloud9 and continue their run.
    • Yesterday we saw Sentinels winning against 100Thieves. It was refreshing to see how the roles adjusted for Sentinels, giving zekken the main duelist role on some maps, switching with TenZ. Even tho pANcada was not finding the impact he usually has, he did a solid performance, strong holding in crucial moments. I see Sentinels very strong, and I think they have improved a lot this break. Cloud9 started the season dropping yay, and the team was very doubted, but they were on the top of the table for some time. C9 is certainly strong, and I think that they aren’t strong enough at the moment. I think they have changed strategies during this break, but I trust what Sentinels have been cooking.
  2. KRÜ will win the South American derby.
    • During the regular season, I would pick Leviatán to win, but at the moment, I’ve seen KRÜ performing really well. I think Leviatán has the pressure, I think they are expected to win this just before their previous performance, being the strongest Latin American team. KRÜ, they have done more than expected, and I have seen them on an amazing individual level. KRÜ’s super star, keznitdeus, has been performing so well, also melser and daveeyS have been finding a huge impact. I trust KRÜ to win as the underdog.

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