My Top Pick for VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff

by | Feb 2, 2024 | VALORANT, VCT Americas | 0 comments

Get ready for thrilling esports action as the VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff is just around the corner, and let me tell you, it’s shaping up to be an absolute blast! We’re talking about a whole new ball game this year, with fresh faces, revamped teams, and enough adrenaline to power a jet engine. Now, I know what you’re thinking – with so many talented teams gearing up for battle, how can you possibly choose just one? Well, hold onto your hats because I’m about to introduce you to the top pick that I expect to set the scene on fire.


Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/ Riot Games

Alright, let’s kick things off with NRG, the team that’s got everyone buzzing with excitement. Picture this: NRG, previously solid but maybe lacking a bit in the firepower department, decides it’s time to crank things up to eleven. How? By snagging Demon1 and Ethan from Evil Geniuses, that’s how!

These guys performed brilliantly for EG in 2023, bringing the heat and then some. Add Marved to the mix, sprinkle in some Victor and crashies for consistency, and boom – you’ve got a recipe for success. With Ethan calling the shots and the squad locked and loaded, NRG is aiming to paint the town red and show the world what they’re made of. Get ready for fireworks, folks!


Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/ Riot Games

Now, let’s talk about Sentinels – the comeback kids of Valorant. These guys had a bit of a rough patch last season, but guess what? They’re back,! With johnqt taking the reins as the new IGL and Zellsis bringing the heat, Sentinels are looking sharper than ever. And did you see them tear it up at the OFF//Season event? It was like watching a masterclass in domination! With their eyes set on redemption, Sentinels are locked, loaded, and ready to make some serious waves in VCT 2024. 

NRG and Sentinels, the dynamic duo ready to tear up the Valorant scene like never before! But hey, the action doesn’t stop there! Dive into our buddy guide where I reveal my top pick for VCT 2024: EMEA Kickoff for even more Valorant goodness.