The Best BLAST Fall Groups 2023 Day 4 Predictions

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s1mple celebrating at the BLAST Fall Groups 2023

BLAST Premier Fall Groups Day 4 is here, and one of the most exciting games will take place today in Copenhagen. Yesterday we had some intense games and a good overall on our predictions, and we expect to keep it that way. Check out our previous post and see it by yourself.

Scheduled games for today

  1. Heroic vs Natus Vincere – 15:00 CEST
  2. BIG vs Astralis – 18:30 CEST

Predictions for the BLAST Fall Groups Day 4

  1. Heroic will win against the new international NAVI.
    • Heroic, one of the few teams keeping a National core, has been constantly on the top of the best teams in the world for multiple seasons in a row. All the Danes are used to each other and to their system, and they have demonstrated that they are good. I think that the new international NAVI roster is good, but it is still very early for the project, they are struggling with communication, and even s1mple said that they were playing their last game as a FACEIT match. They managed to win against Astralis, but I don’t think they can do it against Heroic. They are individually strong and they will shoot back, not making it easy at all for the Danes, but Heroic will end up taking the game.
  2. Astralis will beat BIG.
    • Both of these teams lost in their first games with their new rosters. However, I saw Astralis having the game way more under control. They even won a map against NAVI. BlameF showed an amazing performance even tho he assumed the IGL role. Dev1ce performed as we expect dev1ce to perform. On the other side, we saw a very shaky BIG, with prosus ending the series with a rating 2.0 of 0.58, the rookie struggled to find impact.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available on different platforms:


  1. OhnePixel
  2. PituHerranz (Spanish)
  3. Gaules (Portuguese)

Check out the article for Day 3.

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