The Best Prediction for the VCT Americas LCQ Lower Final

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View of stage during 2023 VCT Americas LCQ Lower Final

Greetings, esports fans! The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting has arrived – it’s time for the highly anticipated VCT Americas LCQ Lower Final! This crucial showdown is set to determine the final contender for the Grand Final against KRU, and more importantly, the opportunity to keep the dream of competing in Champions 2023 alive. The virtual arenas are brimming with excitement as the best teams go head-to-head, leaving no room for error in their quest for glory. Get ready for an intense clash of skill, strategy, and heart, as the victor of this game will solidify their place among the elite and pave their way to the ultimate championship event in Los Angeles. Join us in this nail-biting journey as we witness esports history unfold and cheer on the valiant competitors vying for their shot at greatness! Make sure to check our previous posts for this tournament!

Schedule for the VCT Americas LCQ Lower Final

  1. Cloud9 vs Leviatán – 22:00 CET


  1. Leviatán will defeat Cloud9.
    • Cloud9 has been impressive throughout the tournament, but they stumbled against KRU. They dominated the first map, yet failed to convert rounds and lost important duels. After the loss, the pressure is on as the local team, and the North American organization feels the weight.
    • Leviatán bounced back with a strong performance, securing a 2-0 victory against Sentinels. Although Tacolilla still missed some crucial shots, kiNgg and Mazino maintained their high level of play. If Tacolilla regains his form, Leviatán is well-positioned to win this game.
    • A Leviatán victory would lead to an exciting Latin American Grand Final and secure a Latin American team’s spot in Champions 2023 in Los Angeles. Based on the analysis, my prediction is that Leviatán will triumph in this crucial match against Cloud9. Expect an intense showdown as both teams compete for a spot in the prestigious event!

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available in multiple languages, so here is a list of some of the most popular streams to follow the tournament:

Official VALORANT broadcasts

  1. English (Twitch)
  2. Español LATAM (Twitch)


  1. Tarik (English)
  2. Hitboxing (Spanish)

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