The Best Predictions for the VCT Americas LCQ Day 4

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Dylan "runi" Cade (L) and Erick "Xeppaa" Bach of Cloud9 pose onstage after victory during 2023 VCT Americas LCQ

After the crazy games we had yesterday, another intense day of VCT Americas LCQ Day 4 is waiting for us. If you haven’t been following our daily posts, make sure to check them out!

Scheduled games for the VCT Americas 2023 LCQ Day 4

  1. Cloud9 vs KRÜ Esports – 22:00 CET
  2. Sentinels vs Leviatán – 1:00 CET


  1. KRÜ will upset Cloud9.
    • I believe that Sentinels are in really strong shape, Angelo “keznit” Mori has been leading the team, being the team’s strongest player during this LCQ, even tho he is on the list of the players that have played the most rounds, he still has this insane stats: 1.46 rating, 1.56 KD, 306.4 ACS. He isn’t the only one performing on the KRÜ, as the whole team has popped off and everyone has been impactful when necessary. On the other side, yesterday I saw a Cloud9 that didn’t perform as they were doing during the regular season. I really think that KRÜ is feeling confident and motivated enough to continue this run.
  2. Sentinels will finish Leviatán’s dream.
    • Sentinels have shown impressive performances in their previous games, particularly excelling on maps like Split and Pearl. Players like TenZ and zekken have consistently displayed strong openers and secured crucial first kills for their team. On the other hand, Leviatán seemed disorganized in their recent match, with Tacolilla, a key player, failing to make an impact. His underperformance significantly affected the team’s overall gameplay. Considering these factors, Sentinels are poised to secure a victory against Leviatán.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available in multiple languages, so here is a list of some of the most popular streams to follow the tournament:

Official VALORANT broadcasts

  1. English (Twitch)
  2. English (YouTube)
  3. Español LATAM (Twitch)
  4. Italiano (YouTube)
  5. Português (YouTube)


  1. Tarik (English)
  2. Hitboxing (Spanish)

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