The Best Predictions for VCT Americas LCQ Day 2

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KRU Esports seen onstage after victory during 2023 VCT Americas Last Chance Qualifier at the Riot Games Arena on July 15, 2023. (Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)

VCT Americas LCQ Day 2

Yesterday, the VALORANT Champions Tour: Americas Last Chance Qualifier 2023 started. KRÜ managed to add their first win on the circuit since they joined the franchised league. MIBR’s dreams ended, as it was an elimination game. Today, however, one of the most hyped-up games will take place on Sentinels vs 100T. Check out yesterday’s post to know the tournament’s format and the list of teams participating.

Games scheduled for today

  1. FURIA vs KRÜ – 22:00 CEST
  2. Sentinels vs 100Thieves 1:00 CEST

Predictions for the VCT Americas LCQ Day 2

  1. KRÜ will continue with the winning streak and will win against FURIA.
    • In yesterday’s game, we saw a different KRÜ. They were responsive, performing as a team, and looking sharp individually. I think that this win was very needed and KRÜ are getting the confidence they lost. On the other side, we have FURIA, a team that didn’t perform consistently during the tournament. I trust KRÜ on this one, and I think they will take this one against FURIA.
  2. Sentinels will end 100 Thieves’ dreams.
    • Sentinels have an amazing and very strong lineup if we see them player-by-player, just as 100Thieves. During the regular season, 100Thieves performed better than Sentinels, but a long time has passed since we saw any of both teams on any official. The strategies book surely changed for both teams, and I trust Sentinels taking advantage of the firepower they have on TenZ and Marved. 100Thieves did not perform consistently in their last games, being stellar a really important player for the team, and underperforming if we compare it with older stellar stats. I think it will be a close game, but Sentinels will take the game.

Check our previous post for Day 1.

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