The Best VCT EMEA LCQ Day 3 Predictions

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Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! It’s time for VCT EMEA LCQ Day 3, and the virtual battlegrounds are brimming with intense excitement. Today, we’ll witness thrilling clashes, game-changing plays, and a decisive turn in the competition. As the dust settles on the day’s matches, we’re on the verge of uncovering our potential first Grand Finalist, and we’ve set the stage for the Lower Final tomorrow. With fierce competition and remarkable talent on display, let’s embrace the excitement of VCT EMEA LCQ and witness the journey to gaming glory together! Check our previous posts for the VCT EMEA LCQ.

Schedule for VCT EMEA LCQ Day 3

  1. KOI vs Giants Gaming – 17:00 CET
  2. NAVI vs Karmine Corp – 20:00 CET


  1. KOI will send Giants Gaming to the Lower Finals.
    • KOI has been showcasing their dominance since the start of the Last Chance Qualifier. Wolfen’s remarkable performances and unwavering confidence have been key factors in their success. Moreover, KOI has displayed a solid map pool, excelling in five different maps across two games. Their versatility and prowess have been impressive to witness. On the other hand, Giants Gaming has been relatively “colder,” having played only one game against Karmine Corp, a team that may not be as strong. Giants looked decent in that match, but it was clear they faced some challenges against their opponents. Taking these factors into consideration, my prediction is that KOI will continue their strong run and secure the victory against Giants Gaming. Anticipate an intense and thrilling match as both teams fight for a spot in the next stage of the tournament!
  2. NAVI will end Karmine Corp’s dream.
    • Despite recent struggles, NAVI boasts one of the strongest rosters in the world, with top-tier players across the board. While Karmine Corp has been performing with an analyst who is finding it challenging to compete against the best players in EMEA, they heavily rely on ScreaM and Nivera to carry the team. However, carrying a game against NAVI’s formidable lineup may prove to be too much. Considering the individual prowess and experience of NAVI’s players, my prediction is that they will come out on top in this match against Karmine Corp.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available on different platforms:


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