The BLAST Fall Groups Final Day Predictions

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Attention, fellow gaming enthusiasts! We have reached the bittersweet moment of the BLAST Fall Groups Final Day, where we conclude the exhilarating journey through the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023. Today’s games will deliver an epic conclusion to this action-packed tournament. Throughout this remarkable gaming extravaganza, we’ve experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions and witnessed the players showcasing exceptional talent. As we celebrate, let’s relive the highlights, commemorate the champions, and cherish the memories made during the grand finale of the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023! Don’t forget to check out our previous posts about this thrilling tournament!

Schedule for BLAST Fall Groups Final Day

  1. Vitality vs BIG – 15:00 CET
  2. NAVI vs G2 – 18:30 CET


  1. Vitality will defeat BIG.
    • This is a no-brainer pick for Vitality. While they did face a setback in their last game against NIP, there’s no denying that they possess one of the strongest lineups and are constantly competing to be the world’s #1 team. The loss to NIP was likely just a bad day for them.
    • On the other hand, BIG isn’t performing poorly, and mantuu delivered an impressive performance in the last game. However, when comparing the two teams, Vitality stands out as the superior force.
    • Considering the overall strength and potential of Vitality, my prediction leans heavily in their favor. Expect an exciting matchup, but I firmly believe that Vitality will emerge victorious in this clash against BIG.}
  2. G2 will win against NAVI.
    • This one is tough to call, as both teams have had ups and downs in the tournament. The new NAVI lineup looks strong but inconsistent, while G2, a solid team, has also had some shaky moments.
    • Honestly, I might be a bit biased towards G2, but I feel it’s going to be a close match. It’s like a 50/50 chance for either team, but someone has to win, and my prediction is on G2.
    • Get ready for an exciting battle between these two great teams. While it’s hard to say for sure, I’m predicting G2 to come out on top in this matchup.

Where to watch the games?

You can watch the tournament on multiple channels, it depends if you like watchparties or the official broadcast. The official broadcast is available on different platforms:


  1. OhnePixel (English)
  2. PituHerranz (Spanish)
  3. Gaules (Portuguese)

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