Who will win VCT 2024 EMEA Kickoff? My top picks

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Alright, folks, grab your snacks and buckle up because the VCT 2024 EMEA Kickoff is about to kick off in style! And you know what that means – it’s time for some serious showdowns, epic plays, and heart-pounding action. Leading the charge in the EMEA region? None other than Fnatic and NAVI!


Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/ Riot Games

This European team isn’t just good, it’s downright legendary. With a roster stacked to the brim with talent, they’re the ones to beat this season. And with their track record of dominating past tournaments, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re coming into VCT 2024 swinging! Fnatic’s journey to the top has been nothing short of spectacular. They clinched their first international VCT championship by defeating LOUD 3-2 at LOCK//at São Paulo, cementing their status as a formidable force in the Valorant scene.

Their flawless performance at Masters Tokyo, where they emerged victorious in all four matches and secured a 3-0 win against Evil Geniuses in the championship match, further solidified their dominance. But it’s not just about individual skill – Fnatic’s synergy and teamwork are off the charts. With BOaster calling the shots and Mini returning as assistant coach, the squad is firing on all cylinders.

And let’s not forget their versatility – whether it’s Derke’s clutch plays, Leo’s impeccable aim, or Chronicle’s strategic genius, Fnatic’s got all bases covered. When they step onto the battlefield in VCT 2024, you can bet they’ll be gunning for nothing less than victory.


Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/ Riot Games

NAVI, the team stacked with seasoned Valorant player, is ready to rewrite their story. Sure, 2023 had its ups and downs, but that’s old news. They’ve shaken things up, dropping cNed and snagging ardiis from NRG – a move that’s turning heads. This means NAVI is the squad that clinched VCT Masters Copenhagen in 2022 under the FPX banner.

Talk about a glow-up! Their journey wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, especially outside of LOCK//IN, but NAVI is out to prove that they’ve got what it takes to compete with the big dogs. The stage is set, and they’re bringing the heat to VCT 2024. Can the former FPX roster recapture their past glory? It’s a question that’s got the Valorant community buzzing. The answer? There is no doubt that they can!